Tejano star Lopez set for parole Thursday

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Tejano star Joe Lopez is expected to walk out of a Huntsville prison Thursday after more than 11 years behind bars.

In 2006, a Cameron County jury gave Lopez 32 years in prison for raping his niece, Krystal Lopez, in 2004, when she was 13.

Joe Lopez, a Grammy-award winning singer and co-founder of Grupo Mazz, was sentenced to 20 years for one count of aggravated sexual assault of a child, eight years for a second count of aggravated sexual assault of a child and four years for indecency with a child.

But because he was serving his sentences simultaneously, he was ordered to serve 20 years in prison.

On Jan. 26, the Texas Pardons and Parole Board granted Joe Lopez, 67, parole after he served a nine-month sex offender treatment program.

Joe Lopez is scheduled to walk out of prison between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Thursday, said Robert Hurst, a spokesman with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, on Tuesday.

But Joe Lopez’s release is tied to several conditions. Upon his release, he will undergo “supervised parole” through Oct. 31, 2026. The parole board has ordered him not to contact Krystal Lopez nor enter Harris County, where she lives, without prior approval.

Krystal Lopez, now 27, could not be reached for comment Tuesday.


4 thoughts on “Tejano star Lopez set for parole Thursday

  1. Thank God he is being released. I have always felt he was set up. That man could have any woman he wanted. Good luck Joe. Look forward to hearing your music again.

  2. There is two side’s to every story.And God knows Joe was not the first or last to kinsle in those family affairs.
    He’s out and he’ll do great.I love his music and voice.I also adore Groupo Mazz.Missed you Joe, Welcome Home. 💖💖💋💋

  3. It’s an INSULT to ” Tejano Music “, to have molestation of a child n even more “a neice”, involved in this or any type of music groups. This is very very wrong, people who don’t know what happens to the victim n victims family shouldn’t say a thing because it kills your soul to be molested and “CANNOT BE FORGIVIN, EVER”


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