SIGGNO fulfills Miguel’s Dream through “Make-A-Wish Foundation”

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Siggno fulfills Miguel’s Dream Wish – Make-A-Wish Foundation

When asked if he could go anywhere, have anything, meet anyone, or do anything, what would he want more than anything in the entire world, there was no doubt in his mind. His eyes began to sparkle, and he immediately started telling his wish grantors all about the Tejano band, Siggno, and how he would LOVE to meet them. He could tell them about all his different songs, pulled them up on YouTube and sang along as he pretended to be in the band. He knows all of their names and almost seems to already know them intimately. Miguel comes from a musical family and has already conquered the accordion. With his charisma and charm, he will surely be in the bright lights soon!

Published on: Jul 8, 2018 @ 10:11



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