Recordando A Laura Canales

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Laura Canales (August 19, 1954 — April 16, 2005) was an American Tejano musician and an original inductee in the Tejano Roots Hall of Fame. Known as “La Reina de la musica Tejana” (translated “The Queen of Tejano Music”), Canales was born in Kingsville, Canales was raised in Kingsville, Texas, a small ranching town located 50 miles southwest of Corpus Christi, Texas. She attended high school at King High School in Kingsville, where she was well-known for her remarkable vocals.[2] After graduation, her father, Perfecto Canales, encouraged her to continue her pursuit of a Tejano music career. Laura Canales made her recording debut in 1973 with Los Unicos while simultaneously singing with renowned Tejano group, El Conjunto Bernal. In 1975, Canales was a founding member of another Tejano group, Snowball & Company. Canales’ first regional hit was a cover of Midnight Blue, which she performed with Snowball & Company.


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