Pio Trevino Y Magic Mix
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Pio Trevino Y Magic Mix

When one thinks of Tejano Music, Pio Trevino Y Majic automatically come to mind. Few artists can boast of the fame and longevity that Pio Trevino Y Majic have enjoyed. Starting as a vocalist in the early 70’s for regional groups such as Los Exitos, and Sangre Chicana, Pio Trevino drew national attention when he became lead singer for “La Movida”. The group became an instant success, making Pio Trevino a household name. Pio was the lead vocalist and composer of many of “La Movida’s” songs for several years until the formation of his own group called “Majic”.
The name Majic was chosen, as Pio Trevino would sometimes dress in a magician’s outfit while performing. The group recorded for such labels as Hacienda, RCA International and later CBS International. In 1988, Pio Trevino Y Majic was nominated for a Grammy award


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