La Movida-Movida Mix.
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La Movida-Movida Mix.

Ricky Smith was born in Corpus Christi on October 26, 1955. Ricky bought his first guitar while in the 6th grade and by the time he graduated to the 7th grade, he had already formed his first band “Ricky and the Dreamers”, and had recorded his first record. “Ricky and the Dreamers” band lasted from 1968 till 1970, which is when Ricky joined “Los Bandidos Mexicanos” also out of Corpus Christi, Texas. Ricky recorded 5 albums with “Los Bandidos Mexicanos” and toured the United Stated between 1971 and 1973. Ricky was a free lance musician from 1974 to 1975 and worked with top acts including “Isidro Lopez”” and “La Movida” where he again took his talent from Corpus Christi, throughout Texas and the entire United States. Ricky recorded another 5 albums during this period including one project with the now famous “Johnny Canales and his Orchestra”. In 1976 Ricky joined the Corpus Christi band “El Grupo Mayo”. The band went from being a local band to being one of the hottest bands in the “Tejano” music scene. Once again Ricky was in the studio and recorded 5 “Mayo” LP’s. Ricky toured and recorded with “Mayo” all across Texas. Ricky left “Mayo” in early 1979 to start his own band “La Movida”. By November of 1979 “Hacienda Records” released Ricky’s first 45 rpm. which won the most prestigious music awards show at that time. With the recording of 13 “La Movida” LP’s Ricky Smith established himself as one of the greatest guitarist and performers in one of the most popular bands in the Tejano music scene. Today with his title of “The Guitar King of Tejano Music” Ricky Smith is considered a legend by many VIP,s but more so by his fans. Ricky Smith had recorded on 25 “Tejano” LP’s and had toured none-stop for 18 years. In 1988 Ricky decided to stay in Detroit for a while to rest and to re-group and more imortantly, spend time with his family. While in Detroit Ricky had made numerous friends in the “Tejano” music business who asked for his help on their records. Rickys reply was to form “Valencia Records” which led to the production of 20 projects, 13 of which were released. To promote his band and others, Ricky then directed and organized the “Tri-State Latin Music Award” which included bands, , promoters, and VIP’s from Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. Three very successsful shows were held in 92,93 and 94 to promote his band and the Detroit music scene. Ricky then established himself as PD on radio -station WNZA, and started doing journalistic writing for “El Central Newspaper” , “La Voz” (Toldeo,Ohio) “Music USA” (Texas) “Tejano Internatioal” (Texas) “Latin-Times Magazine” (Texas). Between 2000 and 2006 Ricky went on to get his “Degree” in Songwriting, Screenwriting, Studio Engineering and Religious Minister of Music for the Catholic and Protestant Faiths. He performed his ministry “live”on Saturdays and Sundays. He also got a “Degree” in shoeshining. From 2007 to 2009 Ricky completed His new CD’s La Movida “Rey de la Guitarra Tejano” and Gospel “God Me Guitar del Corazon”. Now Ricky is back in Texas where it all began and is planning a come back “2010 Life Tour”. If Rickys record is any indication, “The Guitar King of Tejano” still reigns.


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