Eddie Gonzalez Mix
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Eddie Gonzalez Mix

From fans to industry insiders, everyone agrees. Eddie Gonzalez is hot. And Eddie has the numbers and awards to prove it. At the 17th Annual Tejano Music Awards, one of the industry’s most distinguished events, insiders like artists, promoters and record producers voted Eddie Gonzalez “Rising Star of the Year.” The same panel of judges elected Eddie and his band, Grupo Vida, “Best New Group of the Year.” Those two awards came on the heels of another important industry recognition, the prestigious Radio Y Mu~sica Award for “New Artist of the Year” in the Tejano category. Impressive accomplishments for a man any age, but even more so for a 22-year-old.
And therein lies Eddie’s success — his fresh approach to music and presentation. His powerfill vocals captivates audiences. And his performances turn crowds loose. Eddies is an addictive energy that moves fans beyond toe-tapping to flat out dance-athons with his uninhibited style that includes audience participation to the extreme.
Just as he trusts in his own ability, Eddie trusts in his fans. Why else would he dare stage dive? Running towards the stage’s edge, Eddie will literally leap into the hands of his audience. His fans have never let him down.


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