Carlos Guzman Y Los Fabulosos 4-Fab 4 Mix
Added: Monday, May 22nd, 2017
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Carlos Guzman Y Los Fabulosos 4-Fab 4 Mix

There are few names still currant in Tejano music that invoke images greatness such as that of Los Fabulosos Cuatro. The history of Los Fabulosos Cuatro goes back since their founding in 1964. Known by their original arrangements and well-produced songs, refined through the years, Los Fabulosos Cuatro started touring in the early ’60s as Carlos Guzman y su Conjunto, changing their name to Carlos Guzman y Los Fabulosos Cuatro soon after achieving their first hit, a song called “Vestida de Blanco across the years the name has been associated with such seminal onda voices as Carlos Guzman, ChaCha Jimenez, Mel Villareal, Eddie Perez, Ramiro “Snowball” de la Cruz, Adalberto Gallegos, Joe Lopez and Laura name but a few. One could compile quite an impressive Tejano discographic history with this name alone.


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