Bobby Butler El Charro Negro Mix

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Robert (Bobby)”El Charro Negro” Butler began his music career 60 years ago. Butler was born in 1937 in Jefferson Arkansas, a small community right next to Pine Bluff Arkansas. As a child in the south he and his mother both had to work. Bobby used to work in the cotton fields while attending the age of seven years old he was working the circles in the fields with all the Blacks and Chicanos that had to pick cotton outside of Texas to make a living. Bobby says that while working in the fields he would hear singing by some of “la raza” and he fell in love with the sound of the music.
He says in the evenings the men would gather around the campfires and take out their guitars and sing song after song. He totally got in to the music and never forgot it even when they moved to Ft. Worth when he was about 9 years old. He and his mom lived in Ft. Worth a few years but then they moved to St Louis, Missouri where he went to school and worked helping his he was in the 10th grade he moved back to Pine Bluff Arkansas and enrolled in high school. At age 18 he graduated from high school and was given a scholarship to study music at Arkansas State. He studied two years there and moved back to St. Louis to help his mom. It was during this time that he joined a Rhythm & Blues group called the, “Ecuadors”…there were five singers in the group and performed as the house band at Chuck Berry’s Club when he was on the road with his was around the early 60s that he met his first wife Rosy. In St Louis, Mo., it was a tough place to live and raise a family. Rosy had an uncle that lived in Temple, Texas and they moved to raise a family and start a new life in Texas. The word got out quick in Temple that there was a new drummer and singer in town and Bobby worked with a lot of the local Cino Moreno had to miss a weekend gig with the Latinaires, Bobby was called and thus he became a friend with Little Joe and the Latinaires. Bobby was in a band that played the Mexican songs he had heard as a child. When he told the guys he could sing, “La Enorme Distancia”, nobody believed him until they heard him sing the song.
There at that moment the legacy of, “El Charro Negro”, was born and the rest is history.


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