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Albert Zamora Mix
Added: Monday, May 22nd, 2017
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Albert Zamora Mix

Albert Zamora, a trendsetter that captivates audiences of all ages with his high-energy and electrifying performances has attained his mark in the industry .Albert’s passion for music comes straight from the heart and when his fingers play the accordion, you can almost see them catch on fire. He first started his musical career on the guitar and singing. He played drums throughout his school years and was a remarkable solo ensemblist on percussion, where he won several state awards. Albert is the proud owner of 12 accordions, all of which have a name and purpose of their tremendous success as an accordionist and vocalist has sky rocketed this talented, young and exciting performer as a leader in the industry with hits such as “Dos Corozanes”,”Prieta Casada”, “No Puedo Quererte,” “Dale Kranke,” “El Soltero” just to name a few.


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